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Monthly Archives: June 2012

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In most cultures, particularly in the states, there has been a loss of an idea of community and service.  I don’t mean charitable service, but as seeing your job as a part of a valuable contribution to the community you live within.  What is most startling about this, is that seeing yourself as providing a service – and not just a means to make money – nearly guarantees that you’ll run a quality business.

Please read through these thoughts.  At  the end of the article, I’ll ask a question and would love to hear your thoughts.

Intention MattersFor some businesses, it may be as simple as changing the intention behind actions.  Corp-Corp wasn’t founded by thinking “People will pay a premium for this service!”  Instead, it was founded with the ideology of  ”People need this, and we can be the best at providing it.”

The difference between these two intentions is the difference between developing technology based on an imagined problem, and designing something which truly fits into a gap of need.

Basic supply and demand logic says you can’t run a business off of an imagined demand.  You need to first identify a need and then find ways to fill that gap.

Part of a CommunityWhen you view yourself as part of a living, breathing community, you will strive to create better content for the whole.  Believing you are part of something beyond yourself creates a desire to excel.

Bakers and butchers – artisans in general – usually see themselves as attached to the community and so, as a point of pride, seek to give their best for the community they live and work in.

As members of a new, ever evolving global community, we should seek to  find ways to re-imagine what our connection to that community means.   Sure, reputation means something different now.  The age of twitter and tabloid instant news changes how we see people.  Yet we can still seek to pride our work and take pride in our community.

How Can I Help?The question I mentioned above is this:  How can I leverage this blog to help you?  What questions do you have?  What problems do you come across in your work?  What parts of your career do you think you need to polish up on?  What aspects of the Industry do you think needs examining?

I hope to hear from you so that we can form Corp-Corp’s blog into a more communal experience.

Be well.